Our Principles

Help communities and developers grow responsibly.

Our Mission

Provide the highest quality land use legal services
throughout the State of Arizona
and have fun while doing it.

Our History

With over 40 years of combined experience, Lazarus, Silvyn & Bangs, P.C. has successfully established innovative methods to help our clients successfully navigate real estate opportunities throughout the entire State of Arizona with offices in Phoenix and Tucson.

Our Values

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction and professional/efficient delivery of legal services comes first.

  • Understanding and focusing on the client’s goals, which could include helping clients to define realistic and achievable goals;
  • Providing cost-effective delivery of legal services;
  • Delivering our services in the appropriate timeframes;
  • Ongoing communication with clients on status of their matters.

Excellence in our Work

We ensure our communications (written and verbal) are of the highest ethical standards, while maintaining integrity, professionalism, and accuracy.

  • Professional, ethical, and courteous interactions with clients, their staff and consultants;
  • Professional, ethical,  and courteous interactions with all politicians and community staff in all jurisdictions in which we work;
  • Ensuring all written work is reviewed, edited and accurate.

Having Fun

We enjoy the work we do every day for our clients; the fun is contagious.