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New Rezoning Protest Law: Game-Changer for Controversial Rezonings

By: Keri Silvyn Esq., Larry Lazarus Esq., and Rory Juneman Esq. Let’s pretend that you own (or are under contract to purchase) a piece of property. You consult your local zoning attorney to determine whether you can use the property as you desire. You are told that a rezoning is required. You have the time,…
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Tucson’s Sign Code Revision Project Moves Forward

By: Rory Juneman Esq. The City of Tucson (“City”) Planning and Development Services Department (“PDSD”) is currently in the process of revising the City’s Sign Code. This project (the “Code Revision”) began a year ago as a response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2015 decision in Reed v. Town of Gilbert. In Reed, the Court…
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