Resorts & Private Clubs

The projects listed below represent just some of the many cases in which attorneys at the firm were successful in obtaining the entitlements needed for development approval.  Examples of significant projects include:

Resorts & Clubs

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Phoenix Projects

Biltmore Adobe Golf Course
Mr. Lazarus represented the Biltmore Golf Course in a highly complex and controversial case in order to preserve property rights and allow for redevelopment of a portion of the course to high-end residential, while preserving the integrity of the golf course through establishment of CC & R's.

This lengthy process took substantial negotiation with property owners, the Biltmore Hotel and neighbors. A referendum and litigation was involved and a complicated negotiated settlement was crafted. The agreement was approved by the Phoenix City Council and 113 condominiums and townhomes were developed on the golf course while perusing the Biltmore Adobe Golf Course.

The Pointe at South Mountain Resort The Pointe at South Mountain Resort
In another complex case, lawyers at the firm represented Mutual of New York, the owners of the Pointe at South Mountain Resort.

This case involved the re-alignment of roadways, the golf course, flood control access and substantial infrastructure, including sewer, water and flood control, and the development of an extensive water park.

Wrigley Mansion ClubWrigley Mansion Club
Mr. Lazarus represented George and Jamie Hormel, owners of the Wrigley Mansion near the Biltmore Hotel.

Mr. Lazarus was successful in changing the operation of the Wrigley to allow for greater community accessibility while maintaining its “private club” status through an interpretation by the City of Phoenix Zoning Administrator and Board of Adjustment.

Pinal County Country Club (Casa Grande)
Another example of a project in Pinal County is the Casa Grande Country Club Community.

Attorneys at the firm prepared and processed rezoning and special permit approvals for this residential community, which included some commercial uses, as well as process approvals for subdivisions, a master drainage plan and golf course design.

Private Country Club Pinal County
Another project in Pinal County in which lawyers at the firm have been involved is the processing of a multi-phased residential Planned Unit Development and golf course design.

Approval for these development entitlements included preliminary plat review and processing through the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors, as well as Right-of-Way design through State Trust land holdings in cooperation with the Arizona State Land Department.

Phoenix Swim Club
Through Mr. Lazarus' exceptional skills in community relations, a Special Permit was approved by the Planning Hearing Officer which allowed the world-renown Phoenix Swim Club to continue operating at the 30th Street and Campbell location.

Numerous stipulations were negotiated with the surrounding neighborhood to enhance the facility’s compatibility with the area’s residential character, including hours of operation, number of major events per year, parking requirements, lighting and noise amelioration.

Tucson Projects 

Starwood is redeveloping their Four Points Hotel on the southeast corner of Campbell and Speedway as an Aloft concept hotel.  This property has been a hotel for over 3 decades, with a building that was outdated and not economically sound.  The redevelopment required extensive discussions and negotiations with the City of Tucson on appropriate imposition of regulations to permit redevelopment of the project, as well as extensive discussions with the neighbors to ensure construction activities had minimal adverse effect on the adjoining neighbors.  The project is expected to be complete in 2013.

Westward Look
The Westward Look hotel is a smaller, boutique hotel nestled in the foothills.  Over the years, we have represented the owners of Westward Look in continuing to operate the hotel as a legal nonconforming (grandfathered) use within Pima County.  We have worked with the owners to obtain approvals for expansion of buildings and services for the hotel within the legal parameters of a grandfathered use.